What is the Vietnamese Zodiac?

The Vietnamese Zodiac is based on the Eastern Zodiac system used in China, Korea and Japan. The Eastern Zodiac is one of the oldest horoscope systems in the world and goes back to the fourth millennium B.C.

The Zodiac system was developed by spiritual teachers at the time who were responsible for maintaining health and balance among the people. After centuries of observing Astronomy, Agriculture, Seasons, and Personality traits the theories of the Zodiac system was developed.

Each year in Zodiac system is represented by a yearly animal sign and its personality attributes. Each sign has both positive and negative traits. One example would be the Rats charming social skills can also be used to be manipulate.

The Vietnamese term for Zodiac is called: Tá»­ Vi. Unlike the Chinese zodiac The Vietnamese Zodiac replaces the Ox with the Buffalo and a Cat rather than a Rabbit.

Getting the most of this site

For a very basic understanding of the Vietnamese zodiac you can just go a head and read the basic traits and personalities of your animal signs. For a deeper dive consider looking at your Element sign + Your Animal time along with your Element. This should provide a more accurate reading of your personality traits that may have been missed by using going off the animal year alone.